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Emery Swartzentruber
CEO & Owner
Delivery Specialist

DOT #2149586

Emery is the owner of SBS and has been working the business since 2013. He is an expert in dispatch and logistics through his past experience managing a large fleet for a company out of North Dakota. He's our "do it all" guy, covering the phones, assisting in the office, loading trucks and is often found behind the wheel doing both home & store deliveries too.

Heather Swartzentruber
Logistics Coordinator

Heather is the organization behind SBS providing quotes, billing and logistic support as a single point of contact for our customers.

Kalli Swartzentruber
Office Assistant
Daniel Miller
Delivery Specialist
DOT #1779621

Kalli assists in the office providing quotes and answering emails.

Daniel is the backbone of SBS as he built the foundation of this company beginning in 1997 and Emery took over in 2013.

Daniel delivers directly to stores. 

Menno Hershberger
Delivery Specialist
DOT #3037931
New Driver Coming Soon!

Menno learned the furniture trade through his father's finishing shop and has been driving with SBS since 2017.

Roman Mast
Delivery Specialist
DOT # 3781733

Roman started out doing home deliveries for SBS in 2022. In 2024 he switched to the semi doing store deliveries.

Henry Swartzentruber
Delivery Specialist
DOT # 3531715

Henry began doing store deliveries for SBS in 2021. 

Enos Byler
Delivery Specialist
DOT # 3904691

Enos joined our store delivery team Spring 2024. His prior experience includes driving semi over the road and doing furniture home deliveries.

Joseph Hershberger
Delivery Specialist
DOT # 3893162

Joseph joined our home delivery team in January 2023. Before joining SBS he did furniture home deliveries for another trucking company.

Jerry Swartzentruber
Delivery Specialist
DOT #3158533

Jerry began doing home deliveries for SBS in 2019. Prior to that he did furniture home deliveries for another trucking company.

Allen Gingerich
Delivery Specialist
DOT # 3982389

Allen began doing home deliveries for us in February 2023. Prior to joining our team he did construction and rode along as a helping hand for our home deliveries.

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