Emery Swartzentruber
CEO & Delivery Specialist
DOT #2149586

Emery is the owner of SBS and has been doing home deliveries since 2012. He is an expert in dispatch and logistics through his past experience managing a large fleet for a company out of North Dakota.

Heather Swartzentruber
Logistics Coordinator

Heather is the organization behind SBS providing quotes, billing and logistic support as a single point of contact for our customers.

Daniel Miller
Delivery Specialist
DOT #1779621
Jerry Swartzentruber
Delivery Specialist
DOT #3158533

Daniel has been hauling furniture since 1997. He does our store deliveries as well as some home deliveries. 

Menno Hershberger
Delivery Specialist
DOT #3037931

Menno learned the furniture trade through his father's finishing shop and has been driving with SBS since 2017.

Andrew Hershberger
Delivery Specialist
DOT #2577018

Andy has been doing home deliveries since 2018 and has several years prior experience working in the trucking industry.

Reuben Yoder
Delivery Specialist
DOT # 3264652

Reuben learned the furniture trade through a cabinet shop he worked in. He also drove truck for the same company Emery managed in North Dakota.